Free School Show Filming Scheme

//Free School Show Filming Scheme

Free School Show Filming Scheme

It’s summer show production time for many schools and we have just filmed ‘Rock Bottom’ the latest musical from Musicline Publications
Did you know our FREE school show filming scheme provides a filming service with all filming costs funded through DVD sales to parents.
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Rock Bottom tells the story of a Stone Age boy – Bobby Cobblestone – and his bid to create an invention that will enable him to change the world and join Lady Lava’s Eggheads. Bobby soon comes to realise that Lady Lava is not the gracious and gentle leader that the Caveys of Rock Bottom believe her to be, but in fact an evil witch obsessed with remaining young. As Bobby battles to create an invention to stop the evil Lady Lava from destroying Rock Bottom he meets some interesting characters along the way, including the Three Juans, a bunch of desperadoes who have the audience in stitches; Wild Wally who knows all about eggs and birds and his new best friend, Rex the Dinosaur. Finally, after several failed attempts, Bobby Cobblestone succeeds in producing his best ever invention, liquid cellulite, which turns back time a little further than Lady Lava was anticipating. Bobby Cobblestone becomes the hero of Rock Bottom.

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