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video tape to memory stick transfer

Video Tape and Cine Film Transfer.
Don’t let your memories fade away. Safeguard your precious videotapes and cine films by having them transferred to memory stick or DVD to share with family and friends online.

Many of us do not have the equipment to play videotape or cine film and as time progresses videotape and cine film may degrade to a point where those precious memories may no longer be viewable.

We convert cine film using a modern frame by frame scanning method for flicker free transfers that produce bright and evenly lit images with rich colour depth. See examples of our cine transfer work below:

We convert all types of video formats, camcorder tapes, audio tapes, Super 8 and Standard 8 films in -house for local clients using professional transfer equipment. With the personal touch of bringing your films to our studio, you know exactly who has them and where they will be at all times.

Having films transferred to memory stick enables playback on a computer, laptop and most smart TVs. We also offer an editing service if you need to make any changes to the transfers such as adding music, titles or deleting unwanted footage.

There is no exact life expectancy for videotape and cine film, however no video tape or cine film  lasts forever so every effort must be made to preserve important footage before it is too late to safeguard important memories for generations to come.

Prices start from £10 per reel for cine transfers and £20 per tape for video transfers. Minimum order of £40 applies.

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