Why hire a wedding videographer?

/Why hire a wedding videographer?
Why hire a wedding videographer? 2020-01-19T19:43:50+00:00

Video is the real medium for capturing the emotion of a wedding. There are moments in a wedding that even the best photographers can’t capture perfectly –  when it comes to reliving that special moment, nothing does it like video.

“We have watched our wedding film and are completely overwhelmed. We laughed, we cried (lots!) and it brought back all of the emotions from the day: Jay’s comment was actually “I feel like I’m there again”. Our entire day has been captured so beautifully, but in a way which is so personal to us.

When faced with the question of what I would save from a house fire, I never really knew the answer. Well now I do. This film is absolutely priceless”

Lorna and Jay Bindley

Here are our top three reasons why we think you should include a wedding video in your budget.

1. For the moving pictures.

A professionally produced wedding video will more closely capture the emotion and spirit of your wedding day when compared to photography.
Whilst photographs will capture the energy of the moment, there are moments in a wedding that even the best photographers can’t capture perfectly.
A wedding video with moving images and sound will set atmosphere, capture drama and provide story telling and emotion. Photographs do not move you like a high quality wedding video will. They don’t catch how your dress swishes, the interaction between bride and groom, the toasts at the reception, the words from your best man’s speech or being able to relive the moment of you hearing the vows you will make on your wedding day. Moving images and sound create lasting impressions on people and engage senses on a deeper level than a still photo.

2. For the moments you didn’t see.

Many couples will tell you their wedding day flew by. A wedding video can help you remember all the little details, preserve the big moments and experience some of the things you didn’t see the first time. Many couples will look back wishing they spent the extra money for a videographer to document their special day.

3. It’s a time capsule.

The entire budget of a wedding is substantial, and in comparison the additional cost of a wedding video is now affordable to all. Years from now imagine sitting down with your family and friends (after the older loved ones have gone) and sharing your special day with them. Your wedding video then becomes priceless and we promise you its a wedding investment you won’t regret.

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